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1.Xiamen Office:Room1835-1837,No.863,Xiahe Road,Siming District, Xiamen,361004,China

2.Marble Factory:DongSheng Stone industry zone, Yuanjiang Road, Changjiang Town,Rugao city, NanTong, JiangSu province.

3.Countertop Factory:XiBan village, ShiJing Town, Nan’An city, Fujian province.

4.Shuitou Slab Factory:Xijin Development Zone, Shuitou Town, Nan'an City, Fujian Province.

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-10+ Marble & Granite Quarries

-40+ Direct Marble Quarries Pricing

-1000+ Marble Sources

-New Marble Distribution Center

-Chinese quarry owner

-Partnering with different local and abroad quarries.

-Provide slabs, tiles, cut-to-size, sinks, countertops, monuments and all what the stones and your imagination.

-More stone materials, better quality.

-Buy from direct manufacturers, saving your purchasing cost.

Yeyang stone group invests more than 10 granite & marble quarries. We get blocks from the quarry owner at the first hand. Our professional purchasing manager checks and chooses the blocks carefully to make sure the texture, color, and size are good. We always keep some granite & marble blocks in stock, and bring new ones every month for new orders as per customers' requirements. Our blocks are directly brought from the quarry, and will save your cost to a great extent. 

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Castro White Marble Quarry as follow:

 Roman Ravertine Quarry as follow:

New China Vermont Grey Block as follow:

China Granite Quarries (G603+G654+G682+G684+G685+Shanxi Black Quarry) as follow:

YEYANG Granite Quarry includes G603 Quarry,G654 Quarry,G682 Quarry,G684 Quarry,G685 Quarry,Shanxi Black Quarry,etc.

Granite Quarry.jpg

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